Mercy Network

Praying with members of our Midwest Mercy Network

What is a Mercy Network?

A regional network of like-minded churches committed to gospel-centered mercy ministry.

What is a Mercy Network partner?

A local church that is in agreement with our doctrinal beliefs and is committed to gospel-centered mercy ministry.

This is like-mindedness in theological convictions as well as core marks of gospel-centered mercy ministry. See Beliefs for our doctrine, and Distinctives for the marks of gospel-centered mercy ministry.

Why Mercy Networks?


It is our desire to help connect like-minded churches who are in geographical proximity that can partner together for mercy ministry in their local communities— collaboration where appropriate, rather than competition.


It is our mission to equip local churches for gospel-centered mercy ministry. Once a region reaches critical mass of the number of local ministries in the Mercy Network, we can help provide food resources and logistical expertise to facilitate cost-effective ministry. Our primary focus has been the Food Pak ministry.

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  • muyingo martin

    Dear Beloved of the Lord , I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I live in Uganda , Kampala District . I desire to work with you . I am a preacher of the gospel and I love reaching out with God’s word and showing love to others . may I kindly please volunteer with you? thank you so much for the good work you are doing in the Lord . yours Lovely Evangelist Muyingo martin