An Introduction and Overview of Rethink Mercy

Rethink Mercy is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund, whose mission is to deliver hope to suffering children by equipping local churches for gospel-centered mercy ministry. For over 20 years, Children’s Hunger Fund has assisted local churches to deliver hope to children in need around the world. Rethink Mercy training material is designed to help local churches practice more gospel-centered, more effective, and more intentional mercy ministry.


At the heart of Rethink Mercy is the desire to assist churches to truly help those in need and to build relationships that are focused on the gospel. In order to accomplish this, Rethink Mercy trainings help local churches examine what God’s Word says about salvation, poverty, the mission of the Church, and mercy ministry. The goal is to promote understanding and application of God’s Word in order to prepare and plan for gospel-centered mercy ministry.


Rethink Mercy trainings are divided into Rethink Mercy Equipping for qualified churches that are planning to implement a Food Pak ministry and Rethink Mercy Workshops for churches that are being introduced to the principles of gospel-centered mercy ministry. These trainings consist of several sections essential for biblical mercy ministry. It begins with an examination of God and His purpose throughout history. This clarifies the purpose and role of God’s people in His great story. Another important topic that is addressed is where poverty fits into this story, enabling more effective assistance to those in need.


Central to Rethink Mercy is the revelation of God’s merciful character in all of Scripture. His mercy is displayed throughout history and motivates His people to also display mercy in order to glorify Him. This is especially true as we see God’s justice, mercy, and love meet at the cross of Christ and the necessity of gospel proclamation.

Finally, Rethink Mercy defines biblical principles and practice of mercy ministry in the local church. The mission of the church is identified so that the proper role of mercy ministry is clearly understood. The result is both clear and biblical, priorities, goals, and principles.


There is a progression in this material, starting with the big picture of God’s purposes in creation, narrowing the focus by examining God’s plan of salvation, and then closely observing  the practice of mercy ministry in the local church. Prayerfully, Rethink Mercy Equipping and Workshops are both an encouragement and exhortation to practicing gospel-centered mercy ministry in the believer’s life, the local church, and the community.


The final stages of Rethink Mercy are comprised of steps to assist local churches implement gospel-centered mercy ministry in their communities. This includes:

  • -Individualized plan development for local churches to reach their community with relational, gospel-centered mercy ministry
  • -Assistance helping local churches establish an internal training program through which they can equip members for mercy ministry
  • -On-going coaching of current or new mercy ministry
  • -Networking opportunities with like-minded churches
  • -Free food resources or assistance locating resources to support mercy ministry
  • Phillip A. Raimo

    Are there completion Certificates or how is it known that the work shops have been completed?