4 Admonitions for Giving Which Does Not Hurt the Church

Reasons Not to Give

How can we be giving and serving  in a way that does not hurt the local church? Why does the local church need to be at the center of our ministry?


Recently, the 20 Schemes blog answered addressed these questions, specifically as it relates to our financial giving and our support of the poor. Some of the key takeaways of the article:


You might be getting ripped off by ‘ministries’ that aren’t really doing any gospel ministry at all, but they willingly take your money to support their salaries and consulting business. Sometimes para-church and non-profit organizations are like car enthusiasts that love owning all the tools, but never gets to actually repairing and maintaining cars.

The Apostle Paul’s Live Aid

The New Testament model, and one which Paul eagerly spends decades working for, is local churches supporting other local churches in need.

Feed your own ox

You are obligated to give to your local church first.

Should probably be extinct

A lot of Christian organizations should probably go extinct because they can’t justify their existence, while churches that God has perfectly designed to meet the needs of the poor struggle for lack of support.

Should you give money to a parachurch organization?

As one who works for one, the short answer, I think, is yes. That said, we need to be wise in our giving and prioritize the local church. Read the whole 20schemes article here.     photo credit: futureatlas.com via photopin cc

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